About the Prints

All of the collages shown in the Gallery are available as photographic prints measuring 110cm x 63cm mounted on acrylic sheets using the Diasec process. This process is the world's most established and quality proven face-mounting process and was the first system that allowed photographs to be bonded directly and permanently to acrylic sheet.

The prints are mounted to high exhibition standards without borders, eliminating the need for a traditional picture frame.

The patented Diasec process was developed in Switzerland in the late 1960s. Only authorized licence holders are able to provide this unique service and Kaymounting hold the exclusive UK rights.

The select ingredients for Diasec are a closely guarded formula. Combined with the light penetration and refraction of clear cast Perspex, they produce higher image definition and brilliant colour. This superior clarity cannot be achieved with ordinary glazing methods.

Diasec panels are backed with aluminium, reinforcing the rigidity of the finished picture and providing a beautiful profile when viewed from the side.

The back plate also enables the attachment of custom made aluminium sub-frames that allow the artwork to hang on the wall, from where it will appear to “float” with no obvious means of support.

Vincent Poole